2019 Cosplay Contest

Register online for free, and join us for a chance to be crowned the 2019 Salt Lake Gaming Con Cosplay Champion! We also have a youth cosplay parade that takes place right before the contest. More info below.

Cosplay Contestants

  • • Click this link to register online.
  • • Registration deadline: June 26h at 11:59pm
  • • Limited spots available for each category except youth.
  • • Confirmation letters will be emailed to registered contestants with instructions for the contest.
  • • All registered contestants will go through the in person judging process on June 29th.
  • • In Person Judging will be opened for registered contestants on a first come first serve basis. These contestants can be seen from Noon-3pm in room 260 A. Line is closed off by 2:30 so please be in line no later than 2:30pm.
  • • The actual stage portion of the contest will be held in room 155 ABC on June 29th from 7:30pm-9pm!
  • • Prizes are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category along with an overall winner and some special gaming con awards to certain cosplayers.

Some other helpful tips

  • • Each contestant must be seen for BOTH the In person and Stage portion of the contest for the chance to receive their max score.
  • • This is a “Cosplay” Contest, and we encourage all entries to be at least 70% handmade or altered by the entrant. The only exception is the YOUTH category. They can have either bought costumes or cosplays.
  • • Space is limited! We are taking 30 cosplayers from each category (Except youth who we consider 12 and under. They will take part in the cosplay which takes place before the start of the official contest ).
  • • Once the 30 spots for a category are filled, that category will be closed.

Youth Cosplay Parade

Parents, we want to be able to show off as many youth cosplayers as possible but because the little ones may be new to cosplay we are giving them the option to join us for a youth cosplay parade that takes place at the start of the contest. Each youth participant can be in cosplay or bought costume and take the stage in front of the SLGC crowd before we start our competition. We will email you more info as the event draws near but you must register your youth entry before our deadline of June 26th.


ALL kids, age 12 years and under can sign up in this category. We will be having a youth cosplay parade before the start of the contest in the same room as the contest. Youth are encouraged to enter in this category but if they want to compete with the other contestants please select from the rest of the appropriate categories. Each youth cosplayer will be called up one by one and they can take the stage and show off their awesome skills in front of our amazing crowd.


Has not won or placed in a contest yet. Has entered 3 or fewer contests.


Entered multiple contests/won or placed in a contest before.


Cosplay craft is close to, or at a professional level. Has entered, won and/or placed in multiple contests.


2 plus cosplayers. Judging will be based on the highest level cosplayer in the group.

All registered contestants need to go through in person judging as part of the contest to be eligible for a max score of their cosplay.

Where: Room 260

When: We will be seeing contestants from Noon to 3pm on June 29th.

  • • Each contestant will be seen by the judging panel for a max time of 2 mins.
  • • We will be capping the line by 2:30pm so please be in line no later than 2:30pm

Judging criteria

  • Craftsmanship- The quality of construction, material choice, design and fitting are all elements of craftsmanship. Basically, the cosplay should be well made. For instance, messy seams would count against the costume (Unless that is what your character has on their outfit. We will look at your printed photo of the character to compare). Keep in mind, a simple thing done well can often be better than a complex thing done poorly.
  • Originality/Accuracy- If the costume is based on an existing character from a movie, anime, comic, game, novel, etc. then it should look like that character. It should be accurate to the source material. If the cosplay idea is original, then it should show originality. Innovative uses of material, original props and solid design aesthetics can definitely help your original cosplay creation.
  • Level Of Difficulty– Does the costume exhibit a variety of material uses? Are there moving parts or electronics involved? Are there multiple pieces that have been worked together to make the costume? IE: Using wood, fabric, plastic, rubber in any combination. Having lights and moving parts does NOT guarantee a high score, rather, showing creativity and a well executed final product will usually increase your chances.

During the in person judging you will meet with the judging panel in person, and showcase your cosplay to them. Basically, this is your time in front of the judging panel let them know anything of interest pertaining to your cosplay. They are all friendly and professional, feel free to brag to them about your cosplay the creation process. In person judging will be the majority of your score, with the stage portion adding a judging criteria of  “stage appearance” and “performance” to your total score.

This is where all registered contestants will be able to strut their stuff on our stage in front of the gaming con crowd. Each cosplayer has a maximum of 1 minute to showcase their cosplay on stage. They can use as much or as little of that time frame as they want.

When: June 29th starting at 7:30PM

Where: Room 155 ABC

Music: When you register into the contest you will be able to upload a music track that corresponds with your entry. You have up to the registration deadline to add or change any music you wish to play during your time on stage. After the registration deadline NO changes will be allowed. We apologize for any inconvenience ahead of time.

Where Do I Line Up?: Contestants will meet at 7pm at a room TBD so that they can be lined up in order before the start of the contest. We will email everyone this info.

People on Stage: If you have anyone helping you on stage during your presentation they must NOT be in cosplay if possible. Only contestants competing in the contest are allowed in full cosplay on stage. This helps our judging panel keep the focus on the contestant competing.