Come play an old classic, a hot new game or a prototype that’s not even released.  Compete in tournaments or try to win a free game with our Play-to-Win option. Whether you need a break from the bells and whistles of digital games, you want a chance for some quality face-to-face game time with friends or you have a passion for board games, the board game area has many features to keep you entertained for hours.  

Board Game Designers Guild

Are you the type of person who likes to be the first to know about the new hotness?  Well, here’s your chance to try out games that haven’t even been released yet. Members of the Board Game Designers Guild will be showing off prototypes of games under development.  Sit down and try something brand new. Give your feedback on what you like and don’t like and when you see the game on the shelf in a couple of years, you may be able to tell your friends that you helped influence the way it turned out.

Game demos

Are you looking to play a game but unsure what to play or do you have trouble learning the rules?  Stop by our Game Demo tables at the entrance of the Tabletop area and a dedicated Game Instructor will help teach you how to play and help you through a few rounds or even a full game.  Check our schedule to sign up in advance.

  • North Star Games
  • Tasty Minstrel Games
  • Stonemaier Games
  • And more

Open Gaming

Gather together with family and friends or sit down and make new friends as you find an open table and enjoy hot new games and old classics in our open gaming area featuring:

  • Hundreds of games in our game library
  • Over 4500 open seats waiting to be filled  
  • Open throughout the convention (even after the vendor floor closes)
  • Free to play

Play to Win

Next to our Game Library you will find our Play-to-Win library with dozens of additional games available for you to check out and play.  The difference is that when you play these games, you have a chance to win one of them at the end of the convention.  After playing the game, when you return it to our volunteers we will enter the game players into a drawing to win the game for your own collection.

Play to Win guidelines:

  • Checkout the game the same as you would a normal Game Library game
  • When checking in the game, be sure to tell the volunteer that you’d like to be part of the Play-to-Win drawing
  • You and everyone who played the game with you during that session will have your name entered in the drawing to win that game.
  • You may enter your name in as many different Play-to-Win drawings as you like but you make enter each drawing only once (so playing more different games increases your chance to win something)
  • Each person may only win ONE Play-to-Win prize
  • Play-to-Win titles MUST be checked back in to the library by no later than 5PM ON SATURDAY
  • Play-to-Win winners to be drawn and announced Saturday at 7 PM
  • Prize must be picked up by 7:30 PM or another name will be drawn

Board Game Tournaments

Try your hand in a tournament.  Sign up early to secure your spot.

  • Riichi Mahjong
  • Catan
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • KeyForge
  • Star Wars X-Wing
  • Star Wars Destiny
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Pathfinder Society
  • Starfinder Society
  • More TBA

Game Library and Play to Win Sponsors

Salt Lake Gaming Con offers a huge thanks the many game publishers, designers, stores and others who donated to our game library.  Be sure to take a moment to thank them as well. And if you really enjoyed a game, be sure to let them know. Tag them in your photos or posts.

  • AV Studio Games
  • Bananagrams
  • Bicycle Games
  • Brotherwise Games
  • Cheer Up Games
  • Cloudbreak Games
  • Conflicted
  • Fireside Games
  • Flying Meeple
  • Gamewright Games
  • Gate Keeper Games
  • GMT
  • Grandpa Beck’s Games
  • Greater Than Games
  • Grey Fox Games
  • Haas Games
  • Level 99 Games
  • Ludicreations
  • Navoo Games
  • Next Move Games (PlanB)
  • Ninja Star Games
  • North Star Games
  • Numbskull Games
  • Plan B Games
  • Pretzel Games (PlanB)
  • R & R Games
  • Red Raven Games
  • Renegade Games
  • Rio Grande Games
  • SpinMaster Games
  • Starling Games
  • Steve Jackson Games
  • Stonemaier Games
  • Toresh Games
  • University Games
  • Victory Point Games
  • Wattsalpoag
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